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How One Essential Oil Saved Me Over $200

Yes, you read that blog post title correctly!  Bear with me through this story, but by the end, you’ll see how one little bottle of Young Living essential oil called Stress Away saved me over $200.

One of my big faults is that I can majorly screw up international flights.  I like to think of myself as a very methodical person, but I can have some complete airhead moments.

Like 2 years ago when I thought my passport was good for travel up to the expiration date.  News flash.  You need 6+ months of a valid passport to travel internationally.  So, I missed out on 2 days of that trip to Greece and paid double the amount to change flights and get a 24 hour passport renewal.  Honest confession, it was over $1500 to do this. <Cringe>

I SWORE that I would never goof again.  That I learned my expensive lesson.

Ha…hahaha.  Ooops, I’m human!

This summer, I planned a solo trip to Nicaragua, with the main intention of speaking as much Spanish as I could and seeing some cool sites along the way.  I booked my flight well in advance, passport expiration was good to go, and my bags were packed.

I set my alarm clock for 7 am, absolutely convinced my flight was at 10:30.  I thought I’d have enough time to take a shower, make a smoothie, and tidy up before leaving.

<BEEP BEEP> My alarm went off at 7 am, and upon turning it off, I saw the American Airlines E-Ticket pop up with my flight time listed at 8:15.  YIKES!  I leapt out of bed, woke my flustered sleepy boyfriend up to take me to the airport quickly.  Both of us were completely scrambling, and I live 40 minutes from the airport.  My mind was racing.

Yeah, there was NO WAY I was making that flight.

After realizing that, I knew I needed to calm down or I wasn’t going to be able to think clearly.  I pulled out my handy-dandy bottle of Young Living Stress Away and slathered it all over neck area.  I took some deep breaths and started to talk some sense into myself and actually listened to the reasonable suggestions my boyfriend was offering.

I got dropped me off at the airport so I could speak to the gate agent.  Mostly anyone standing in line to talk to a gate agent are usually there because there’s some sort of a problem, because they can’t use the automated systems.  A huge attitude trigger for most people is a disruption with travel plans.

I waited pretty patiently, because what else did I have to do? Catch a flight I wasn’t booked on?  I just gave my problem up to the universe to fix, and consigned my fate to PLAN B, which was get to Nicaragua later than I originally planned and probably pay more money than I planned to.  *Sigh, this was happening again.*

When I have nothing to do but wait, I people watch. The mom in front of me was worried about getting to Jamaica too late at night and not being able to sit with her daughter on the plane.  Mom was freaking out, but daughter was nonchallantly playing on her iPad.  The man behind me was very agitated, huffing and puffing, and grunting out various non-friendly comments about missing his flight.  He kept shoving his bag an inch closer to me every few minutes, as if that would make the line go faster.  His vibes were not seen, but definitely tangible.

When I was finally at the front of the line, another young man jumped in front to talk to the gate agent.  I didn’t say anything since I figured he probably had a chance to catch his flight.  I figured his situation was time sensitive, and mine was not.  

So, the Huffing-and-Puffing-Man behind me huffed and puffed more.  Then, complimented me on my patience.

I smiled, thanked him verbally, and then mentally thanked my Stress Away oil.


So where does the saving $200 come into play?!  Now, we get to the good stuff.


How often do you think travelers who miss their flights take their frustrations out on the gate agents?  I couldn’t imagine Huffing-and-Puffing-Man would have been all that friendly.

I approached the check-in completely apologetic about my honest mistake of confusing my flight times.  I asked about other options, which the gate agent then gave me another flight plan to rebook me.  This is how our conversation went:

Me: I’m sorry, it was an honest mistake. I just completely goofed up.

Gate Agent: Are you sure that was the reason?

Me: Ummm…Well there was a lot of traffic getting here too I guess.

Gate Agent: No, that’s not a good enough reason.  You were sick, weren’t you?

Me: Was I?

Gate Agent: Yeah, you were!  And then I don’t have to charge you the $200 change fee and fare difference.

Me: <pause to process> Oh yeaaaaah, I was super sick this morning now that you mention it.


BAM.  Just like that, the calmness that Stress Away gave me paid off my whole entire Premium Starter Kit.  I had just saved over $200.

After I thoroughly thanked the gate agent, and thinking out loud about hard I imagined his job was with overly stressed travellers.  He confessed that most people aren’t that friendly with him, and that was why he can only work 5 hour shifts at a time.  There was only so much human frustration he could handle.


Calmness goes a long way in stressful situations, people.  Stress Away can do just that, as I learned, and pay for itself tenfold.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on this little bottle of essential oil goodness, I can help you do that!  Check out your options on the Getting Started with Essential Oils page!





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