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DIY Beauty Serum

💙 (no it doesn’t make you look like a smurfette)

My skin has been going bananas lately with some stress and the changing seasons. Of course, I had bought all of the ingredients to make this serum and let them sit in a box for oh, 6 months… It literally took me 2 minutes to make this!

I thought my skin would turn blue as I’ve seen others use blue tansy and get a smurfette face. Nada. I even doubled the blue tansy. Nada. My skin drank it right up!!! After a few days I could already see my skin was brighter and firmer.

As a bonus, I use this serum before bed because all of the EOs are also amazing sleep aids! It’s still light enough to use in the morning as well. I don’t need moisturizer when using this! It feels light and smells dreamy 😍 

DIY Beauty Serum

10 frankincense 
10 lavender 
5 blue tansy (or double!)
rosehip oil

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Climb, don’t carry.

A year ago this month, I climbed the most physically challenging thing I could think of. A 6,000 foot active volcano that made me question my body, mind and self worth.

Today, I was coincidentally presented with this quote that made my think of that very exact hike/scale/whatever you call it.

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”

While physically climbing, I was challenged to shed the self limiting beliefs I was carrying around that I wasn’t fast enough, strong enough, but I was sure crazy enough to sign up for something I definitely couldn’t finish.


All lies.

Because I did finish. The time I wanted to give up and sit while the group went to the top, I took a break to eat a PBJ sandwich and rubbed peppermint on my neck. A full belly, cool neck and renewed energy. Okay, who goes halfway up and stops to watch everyone else up. Not me: don’t make decisions on an empty stomach. Lesson learned.

And yeah, I could sit/walk/get up normal for about two weeks, but I was proud of myself. That huge feat meant that I could handle a lot of the boulders that came my way after. And I definitely thought the same in the midst of challenge: I wasn’t good enough. Strong enough. Worthy enough to accomplish great things.

But I did. And I have and I’ll continue to.

And I’m proud to have been challenged so I can show what I’m made of.

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Einkorn Rotini with Lentil Ragu

I’m not a huge pasta eater in general. Mainly because I feel bloated or sluggish after, so it’s not something you’ll see me order or make a lot!

However…. 🙋🏻 I do love pasta and all Italian flavors of tomatoes, olives, basil. You name it (except the meats cuz ya know.). So I will play around with pastas with alternative flours like lentil or rice flour!

This is my first time using Einkorn pasta from Young Living. And I love it!

Back to how grains should be.

Natural and not hybridized.

Real food.

Easy to digest!

Here’s how I made it:

1 onion

2 Tbs tomato paste

2 Tbs olive oil

4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

Red pepper flakes

28 Oz crushed tomatoes

1/4 c olives, sliced

Large handful of kale, chopped

4 leaves of basil, fancy chopped

1/2 bag of Einkorn Pasta

3/4 cup green lentils

Cook lentils according to directions. Though I’m pretty sure it’s around 1 3/4 water you gotta boil the lentils in with the lid closed for about 25 mins. Or until softish.

Cook Einkorn Rotini Pasta (time out with the sauce below). Takes 8-10 mins. Drain. Save a bit of pasta water.

In a sauce pan, add onions, olive oil and tomato paste over medium heat. Sauté for about 4-5 mins and add garlic and red pepper. Sauté another minute or so. Add crushed tomatoes and olives. Salt to taste.

Let it bubble and do its thang for 15 minutes, stirring every few minutes.

Add kale, basil and lentils. Add pasta water if sauce is thick to get the consistency you like, though is supposed to be hearty!

Fold in drained pasta and let them get to know each other for a hot minute.

Sit down and eat. 🤤

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Greens on greens on Multigreens

One of the best ways I get started in the morning is a green smoothie. I operate on an eating schedule of “let the Ferrari go first and the semi-truck last”. It’s all part of my Beauty Detox Lifestyle!

Why? 🤓 Most fruit takes 15 minutes to digest, bananas are 45 minutes. So definitely a Ferrari food to eat on an empty stomach. When we eat smart, our body doesn’t have to spend so much energy digesting and can do other things. Plus there’s no sluggishness like post thanksgiving.

Also, throwing it out there because this was life-changing for my skin. Smoothies, diet and natural quality products are my (not-so) secret to a clean, glowing complexion!

This is the first time my hippie dippy self has experimented with MultiGreens! What?! More greens in my smoothie and I still can’t taste it! Spirulina and chlorophyll are two supplements that have been on my radar that I’ve never dabbled with until now…so empty a couple capsules in your smoothie next time.

🌿Spirulina – rich source of magnesium, which helps to promote bone health and overall mood

🌿Chlorophyll – a natural source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin K and magnesium, being a source of choline which supports energy production. May support healthy blood and digestive system.

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Lady Sclareol Roller Gift

If only technology had scratch and sniff, you would smell the 🌸 feminine, floral tones and just a touch earthy deep notes of Lady Sclareol. So so nice! It’s a great natural and pure replacement for perfume. Anyone else always sneeze or have watery eyes around perfume? Supports our lady times of need when we can be a little crazy. 💆🏻 Hormone support is so necessary! ANYONE in my downline that orders on Essential Rewards for the month of June will get one of these gorgeous rollers of Lady Sclareol, dried rose petals, and carrier oil delivered right to you. As a thank you! 🙌🏼 Whether I enrolled you or not!

What is Essential Rewards? It’s how I snag all my products from Young Living because I get rewards for when I buy! Points back (which is how I bought this pricey bottle of Lady Sclareol), loyalty oils at various months, AND my favorite: freebie oils or products with my monthly order. This month, June, is insane: Orange Vitality, Cypress, Citronella, Lavender, Lemongrass, M-Grain, and 🎉 the elusive and widely coveted Roman Chamomile!

I get to pick exactly what I want. I get to order stuff delivered to my door that I need anyway like dish soap, lotion, and even makeup! Most importantly, it’s all safe, toxin free and jives with my healthy alternative lifestyle.

If you’re serious about educating yourself about the products you use and finding safe alternatives for toxic stuff that became acceptable, then you need a way to support the ditch and switch mission. I trashed a bunch of my products after investigating ingredients through the Think dirty app.

💜 Loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9 + 12.

💜 Freebie products at ordering amounts of 100, 190, 250 + 300 PV. Here’s what up for this month!

💜 Earn points back to redeem for more products. 10% for months 1-3. 20% for 4-24. 24% for months after that!

💜 Order exclusive products available only on ER like White Angelica or Grounding essential oils blends!

You can easily hop on. Hop off when you need to and the option is available to you always to get back on. Totally not like canceling a gym membership!

So, what’s on your wishlist?!

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My One Year Oilyversary

I’ve officially had my Young Living oils for a year and had the perfect opportunity to reflect on how it was for me in the beginning.

My friend, Tara Roulis, asked for my help in a class she did on Oils for Skeptics. I completely didn’t believe everything oils helped with until I experienced it for myself. And my trip to Nicaragua was my “okay. This stuff is legit” aha moment. You’ll see exactly how I explain the crazy pics down below! Q: When did you get your Premium Starter Kit?

💜May 2017

Q: What made you buy it? I know the PSK can seem expensive at first. What was behind that decision?

💜I had dabbled with two essential oils on Amazon and a dinky diffuser. I had no idea what I was doing. Then I read a statistic that shook me and made me realize the plug-in air freshener I thought was so normalized to me was horrible for my health. 18 toxins are released in the air from them!!! 😳🙅🏻 👉🏻Essential Oils were the healthy, natural alternative to make my house smell fresh. I wanted to get into them- but I didn’t want to waste my money on sub standard stuff. I researched all the brands before deciding on Young Living. Seed to Seal sold me. I was just about to sign up when I realized that there was a referral code and thought of my friend Kate Boyd, my former yoga teacher. I messaged her out of the blue for her member number. And then had no idea all of the resources that went with signing up through our group! I would probably be still lost without it, or doing way too much work myself to find the answers than having a whole tribe of people guiding me on the tips and tricks I’ve picked up! And my amazon oils smells like absolute crapoli next to the YL lavender. Proof of Seed to Seal!

Q: What was your aha moment? What made you say “ok, yea. I love these and want to tell everyone I know about them!”

💜I took my oils to Nicaragua when I did a solo trip by myself for 2.5 weeks. 🌋 I thought it would be an awesome idea to do a 10 hour climb to the top of a 6,000 foot active volcano (it actually was awesome, but I’d never do it again!) Guess what? I wanted to quit halfway and sit for 3 hours when the rest of the group went the steepest hike to the top. Then, I rubbed peppermint on my neck and immediately felt cooling. And energized. I ate a PBJ sandwich. Don’t make big decisions on an empty stomach. And resolved I didn’t come all this way to go half way. So I went to the top! 🇨🇦 So did my fellow struggle buddies, the Canadian bros (EH!), who used my DiGize because the pepperoni on the pizza they ate the night before didn’t sit well with them. They said oils saved them on the hike!💧 And nevermind I couldn’t sit normally for the week after. I had Panaway for my achy muscles. 🔥 And Frankincense because accident-prone-me bumped my leg on the blazing hot tailpipe of a moped and it was firey hot like a volcano. It healed amazingly well and I used it 2x a day. I don’t even see a mark. 💆🏻 Oh and Stress Away worked when I woke up late getting to the airport- I stayed calm and nice and the gate agent waived the $200 change fee and additional cost of changing my flights. 🤑 That right there paid for my kit!!!!

So yeah, I had to share the magic of oils after that!!!! I held my first online class while I was in Nicaragua, sitting in a hammock chair staring at the ocean and bumming off of a restaurant’s WiFi while drinking a cocktail and eating ceviche. 🤣

Q: What keeps you using them? What’s the best part of the oily life for you now?

💜It has become a lifestyle now. I feel safe using stuff that is a natural alternative to swap out stuff I used to use that had lurky toxins. I love connecting with my friends that now use oils. We have even more to talk about!

Q: If you had one tip for the person just getting started or still thinking about it, what would it be?

💜Trust in who you sign up with. If you feel comfortable knowing they will teach you all the tricks and help find answers for you, then it takes away a concern I feel like a lot of people have when getting into oils, which is feeling overwhelmed with what to do with them. We teach you all that stuff!!!

Ready to get started! Check out the Premium Starter Kit, because that’s how I got on my oily journey!

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Run! The Starter Kit is on Sale!

(**This sale has expired. But still read why you need to know about the Starter Kit. Because it’s amazing!**)

If you’ve been thinking about getting on the oily life, now is the time. 🤗 Because life is less lifey with oils….I use them when I’m about to lose my marbles or need a good nights sleep or an energy boost or a hella strong immune system or when I need help after eating cheese 😳 lol!

Today through Friday, The Premium Starter Kit is 10% off. Thats how I got started and like eeeeevveryone else does through YL because it’s a sweet way to get on the oily life. That makes it $144 -PLUS…. I’m offering an additional $25 back, which makes it $119. ❤ So basically $10 an oil and $8 for a diffuser that’s BPA free and can withstand the purest of the pure oils (FYI I only use Young Living because I trust in the quality and purity of these oils). I’m down to get you started. Get the hookup here!

Let’s break it down:

Lemon🍋: detoxing, tasty water.

Digize🤢: tummy anything

Lavender💜: sleep, skin.

Copaiba🍂: skin, muscles, baby teefs

Thieves🕵🏼‍♀️: magic, health keeper.

Citrus Fresh👃🏻: bye stank, fresh laundry.

Panaway💪🏻: happy muscles + joints.

Frankincense🙌🏻: baby jesus, skin, calm.

Raven. 🌬: breathing is fun

Stress Away🌈: kids are still alive.

Peppermint 🌱: breathe, muscles, brownies

+diffuser (have you seen the dreamy Desert Mist? 😍)

+a whoooole bunch of oily info

+ningxia samples

+thieves cleaner sample

+cute little bottles +roller top

+support community to help the whole way


Friends help friends find the deals. And friends don’t let friends waste money on shabby oils or dinky diffusers that aren’t BPA free.

Let’s do the damn thing! Sign me up 🌹

This offer expires Friday, 5/25/18 at 11:59 Mountain Time! Valid on DewDrop and Desert Mist Starter Kits.

*$25 back for new or reactivated members signing up through me. But already a member? Get yourself another Starter Kit for $144!

**Savvy Minerals Starter Kit is on sale too! Normally $150, with the sale price and $25 back- toxin free makeup kit for $110!!!

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Energy Boosting Mocktail

It has been a dreary week here in Philly. 🙄 Seriously, the type of annoying drizzle that only seeks to create frizzy hair and grey skies.

My energy is so tied to how bright it is outside. I’m like a sunflower, always turning towards the light! So I definitely have to find other ways to boost my energy when the sun is hiding.

I generally don’t drink coffee last the late morning, so Ningxia is my non-caffeinated option which I love for all of the antioxidants it packs! Help me fight free radicals that can break down my body system AND tastes so 🍓 BERRY delicious? 🙌🏼 Yaaasss plz!

So here’s my favorite mocktail. If you want to make an adult cocktail, sub in the other alcoholic bubbly and it’s so delicious and fancy!

2 Oz Ningxia

• 12 Oz Seltzer

• 3-4 drops of your favorite Vitality oils (I love any citrus in this – Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit)

Try it on a blah day and you’ll be Zoom Zoom zooming being all sorts of productive!

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FitBit Challenges with Friends

On days where I would rather sit on my couch than go to the gym, I get myself moving. I’ve always said that I’m the type person who is motivated by seeing other people work out.

I also don’t run. Actually my running joke is that I really only run late. 🤣 Word puns!

My boyfriend bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I soon discovered that I could connect with all of my friends!

The workweek hustles make me extra conscious to get moving after work. The weekend warrior challenge encourages me to go for a hike rather than lounge all day! I’ll chose the stairs and take multiple breaks to go for a walk throughout the day.

And can I just say how crazy impressed I am by the women in my challenges? Some are friends from middle or high school, college, yoga, and within my oily community that I have continued to stay in touch with.

We build each other up with positivity and healthy goals. Because why do anything different?

Shine on, friends.

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Staying Above the Wellness Line

When I first got into essential oils, I didn’t know they could do half the things that I’ve used them for.  Things that weren’t on my list initially: immune support, nontoxic cleaning, cooking and baking, and achy muscles.

My favorite unexpected use for oils is IMMUNE SUPPORT.  I stay ridiculously well now that I have my oils compared to B.O. (….before oils! Not that other terminology!)

Working in education, there are so many times I got knocked down with something or another.  Matter of fact, let’s go through the B.O. stats compared to now.

B.O. The 6 months before I started consistently using my oils, 4 separate times I was feeling a prolonged ickiness, and it would take 1.5-2 weeks for me to feel 100% back to my normal self.

A.O. After oils, which is going on close to 10 months now, I’ve had only 2 bouts of not feeling great that lasted like 4-5 days max.  One stomach issue that lasted a day.  That’s it!  

I stay above the wellness line far more now that I use my oils and I feel great! 

Here’s what I do:

  • Two drops of Thieves oils in my coffee every day helps support my overall immune health
  • Raven oil in the diffuser at night or on my chest morning/night when I just need to breath normally
  • Thieves Cleaner to get my house sparkly clean so I’m not coming into contact with toxic, harsh chemicals
  • Lemon Vitality in my water to detox my insides and refresh my energy
  • Lots of oils to support healthy sleep and I change up on a regular basis.  Some of my staples are Lavender, Cedarwood, Valor, Peace + Calming, and SARA (this is my current obsession).
  • Stress Away oil slathered on my neck to do exactly what it says and support my emotional wellbeing.  Bonus! I get to smell like a beachy vacation without using irritant perfumes.
  • Copaiba in a capsule to support my body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and make me feel like I’m 16 again.
  • Life 9 Probiotics in my smoothie because our gut health is linked to our overall health.