Laurel Ketcham

Hi! I’m Laurel. I’ve been using Young Living essential oils since August 2017. My son, Jamie, was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks old and he spent the majority of the first few months of life crying. 😭

It. Was. Miserable. 😣

👉🏻 Enter essential oils. I was spending time with family on Big Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Jamie was having his usual cry-fest before passing out from exhaustion. My stepsister, Kelsie, asked if she could try something. Uhhh… Yes! Anything! I was so exhausted.

She rubbed some oils on her chest and took Jamie from me. Within 30 seconds he stopped crying … 😳…😳 …

My exact words were “What is this hippie voodoo magic and where can I get some?” 🤣 And the rest is history!

My faves:

  • Gentle Baby
  • Grounding

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