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Staying Above the Wellness Line

When I first got into essential oils, I didn’t know they could do half the things that I’ve used them for.  Things that weren’t on my list initially: immune support, nontoxic cleaning, cooking and baking, and achy muscles.

My favorite unexpected use for oils is IMMUNE SUPPORT.  I stay ridiculously well now that I have my oils compared to B.O. (….before oils! Not that other terminology!)

Working in education, there are so many times I got knocked down with something or another.  Matter of fact, let’s go through the B.O. stats compared to now.

B.O. The 6 months before I started consistently using my oils, 4 separate times I was feeling a prolonged ickiness, and it would take 1.5-2 weeks for me to feel 100% back to my normal self.

A.O. After oils, which is going on close to 10 months now, I’ve had only 2 bouts of not feeling great that lasted like 4-5 days max.  One stomach issue that lasted a day.  That’s it!  

I stay above the wellness line far more now that I use my oils and I feel great! 

Here’s what I do:

  • Two drops of Thieves oils in my coffee every day helps support my overall immune health
  • Raven oil in the diffuser at night or on my chest morning/night when I just need to breath normally
  • Thieves Cleaner to get my house sparkly clean so I’m not coming into contact with toxic, harsh chemicals
  • Lemon Vitality in my water to detox my insides and refresh my energy
  • Lots of oils to support healthy sleep and I change up on a regular basis.  Some of my staples are Lavender, Cedarwood, Valor, Peace + Calming, and SARA (this is my current obsession).
  • Stress Away oil slathered on my neck to do exactly what it says and support my emotional wellbeing.  Bonus! I get to smell like a beachy vacation without using irritant perfumes.
  • Copaiba in a capsule to support my body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and make me feel like I’m 16 again.
  • Life 9 Probiotics in my smoothie because our gut health is linked to our overall health.

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