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Run! The Starter Kit is on Sale!

(**This sale has expired. But still read why you need to know about the Starter Kit. Because it’s amazing!**)

If you’ve been thinking about getting on the oily life, now is the time. 🤗 Because life is less lifey with oils….I use them when I’m about to lose my marbles or need a good nights sleep or an energy boost or a hella strong immune system or when I need help after eating cheese 😳 lol!

Today through Friday, The Premium Starter Kit is 10% off. Thats how I got started and like eeeeevveryone else does through YL because it’s a sweet way to get on the oily life. That makes it $144 -PLUS…. I’m offering an additional $25 back, which makes it $119. ❤ So basically $10 an oil and $8 for a diffuser that’s BPA free and can withstand the purest of the pure oils (FYI I only use Young Living because I trust in the quality and purity of these oils). I’m down to get you started. Get the hookup here!

Let’s break it down:

Lemon🍋: detoxing, tasty water.

Digize🤢: tummy anything

Lavender💜: sleep, skin.

Copaiba🍂: skin, muscles, baby teefs

Thieves🕵🏼‍♀️: magic, health keeper.

Citrus Fresh👃🏻: bye stank, fresh laundry.

Panaway💪🏻: happy muscles + joints.

Frankincense🙌🏻: baby jesus, skin, calm.

Raven. 🌬: breathing is fun

Stress Away🌈: kids are still alive.

Peppermint 🌱: breathe, muscles, brownies

+diffuser (have you seen the dreamy Desert Mist? 😍)

+a whoooole bunch of oily info

+ningxia samples

+thieves cleaner sample

+cute little bottles +roller top

+support community to help the whole way


Friends help friends find the deals. And friends don’t let friends waste money on shabby oils or dinky diffusers that aren’t BPA free.

Let’s do the damn thing! Sign me up 🌹

This offer expires Friday, 5/25/18 at 11:59 Mountain Time! Valid on DewDrop and Desert Mist Starter Kits.

*$25 back for new or reactivated members signing up through me. But already a member? Get yourself another Starter Kit for $144!

**Savvy Minerals Starter Kit is on sale too! Normally $150, with the sale price and $25 back- toxin free makeup kit for $110!!!

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