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My One Year Oilyversary

I’ve officially had my Young Living oils for a year and had the perfect opportunity to reflect on how it was for me in the beginning.

My friend, Tara Roulis, asked for my help in a class she did on Oils for Skeptics. I completely didn’t believe everything oils helped with until I experienced it for myself. And my trip to Nicaragua was my “okay. This stuff is legit” aha moment. You’ll see exactly how I explain the crazy pics down below! Q: When did you get your Premium Starter Kit?

💜May 2017

Q: What made you buy it? I know the PSK can seem expensive at first. What was behind that decision?

💜I had dabbled with two essential oils on Amazon and a dinky diffuser. I had no idea what I was doing. Then I read a statistic that shook me and made me realize the plug-in air freshener I thought was so normalized to me was horrible for my health. 18 toxins are released in the air from them!!! 😳🙅🏻 👉🏻Essential Oils were the healthy, natural alternative to make my house smell fresh. I wanted to get into them- but I didn’t want to waste my money on sub standard stuff. I researched all the brands before deciding on Young Living. Seed to Seal sold me. I was just about to sign up when I realized that there was a referral code and thought of my friend Kate Boyd, my former yoga teacher. I messaged her out of the blue for her member number. And then had no idea all of the resources that went with signing up through our group! I would probably be still lost without it, or doing way too much work myself to find the answers than having a whole tribe of people guiding me on the tips and tricks I’ve picked up! And my amazon oils smells like absolute crapoli next to the YL lavender. Proof of Seed to Seal!

Q: What was your aha moment? What made you say “ok, yea. I love these and want to tell everyone I know about them!”

💜I took my oils to Nicaragua when I did a solo trip by myself for 2.5 weeks. 🌋 I thought it would be an awesome idea to do a 10 hour climb to the top of a 6,000 foot active volcano (it actually was awesome, but I’d never do it again!) Guess what? I wanted to quit halfway and sit for 3 hours when the rest of the group went the steepest hike to the top. Then, I rubbed peppermint on my neck and immediately felt cooling. And energized. I ate a PBJ sandwich. Don’t make big decisions on an empty stomach. And resolved I didn’t come all this way to go half way. So I went to the top! 🇨🇦 So did my fellow struggle buddies, the Canadian bros (EH!), who used my DiGize because the pepperoni on the pizza they ate the night before didn’t sit well with them. They said oils saved them on the hike!💧 And nevermind I couldn’t sit normally for the week after. I had Panaway for my achy muscles. 🔥 And Frankincense because accident-prone-me bumped my leg on the blazing hot tailpipe of a moped and it was firey hot like a volcano. It healed amazingly well and I used it 2x a day. I don’t even see a mark. 💆🏻 Oh and Stress Away worked when I woke up late getting to the airport- I stayed calm and nice and the gate agent waived the $200 change fee and additional cost of changing my flights. 🤑 That right there paid for my kit!!!!

So yeah, I had to share the magic of oils after that!!!! I held my first online class while I was in Nicaragua, sitting in a hammock chair staring at the ocean and bumming off of a restaurant’s WiFi while drinking a cocktail and eating ceviche. 🤣

Q: What keeps you using them? What’s the best part of the oily life for you now?

💜It has become a lifestyle now. I feel safe using stuff that is a natural alternative to swap out stuff I used to use that had lurky toxins. I love connecting with my friends that now use oils. We have even more to talk about!

Q: If you had one tip for the person just getting started or still thinking about it, what would it be?

💜Trust in who you sign up with. If you feel comfortable knowing they will teach you all the tricks and help find answers for you, then it takes away a concern I feel like a lot of people have when getting into oils, which is feeling overwhelmed with what to do with them. We teach you all that stuff!!!

Ready to get started! Check out the Premium Starter Kit, because that’s how I got on my oily journey!

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