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Lady Sclareol Roller Gift

If only technology had scratch and sniff, you would smell the 🌸 feminine, floral tones and just a touch earthy deep notes of Lady Sclareol. So so nice! It’s a great natural and pure replacement for perfume. Anyone else always sneeze or have watery eyes around perfume? Supports our lady times of need when we can be a little crazy. 💆🏻 Hormone support is so necessary! ANYONE in my downline that orders on Essential Rewards for the month of June will get one of these gorgeous rollers of Lady Sclareol, dried rose petals, and carrier oil delivered right to you. As a thank you! 🙌🏼 Whether I enrolled you or not!

What is Essential Rewards? It’s how I snag all my products from Young Living because I get rewards for when I buy! Points back (which is how I bought this pricey bottle of Lady Sclareol), loyalty oils at various months, AND my favorite: freebie oils or products with my monthly order. This month, June, is insane: Orange Vitality, Cypress, Citronella, Lavender, Lemongrass, M-Grain, and 🎉 the elusive and widely coveted Roman Chamomile!

I get to pick exactly what I want. I get to order stuff delivered to my door that I need anyway like dish soap, lotion, and even makeup! Most importantly, it’s all safe, toxin free and jives with my healthy alternative lifestyle.

If you’re serious about educating yourself about the products you use and finding safe alternatives for toxic stuff that became acceptable, then you need a way to support the ditch and switch mission. I trashed a bunch of my products after investigating ingredients through the Think dirty app.

💜 Loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9 + 12.

💜 Freebie products at ordering amounts of 100, 190, 250 + 300 PV. Here’s what up for this month!

💜 Earn points back to redeem for more products. 10% for months 1-3. 20% for 4-24. 24% for months after that!

💜 Order exclusive products available only on ER like White Angelica or Grounding essential oils blends!

You can easily hop on. Hop off when you need to and the option is available to you always to get back on. Totally not like canceling a gym membership!

So, what’s on your wishlist?!

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