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Climb, don’t carry.

A year ago this month, I climbed the most physically challenging thing I could think of. A 6,000 foot active volcano that made me question my body, mind and self worth.

Today, I was coincidentally presented with this quote that made my think of that very exact hike/scale/whatever you call it.

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”

While physically climbing, I was challenged to shed the self limiting beliefs I was carrying around that I wasn’t fast enough, strong enough, but I was sure crazy enough to sign up for something I definitely couldn’t finish.


All lies.

Because I did finish. The time I wanted to give up and sit while the group went to the top, I took a break to eat a PBJ sandwich and rubbed peppermint on my neck. A full belly, cool neck and renewed energy. Okay, who goes halfway up and stops to watch everyone else up. Not me: don’t make decisions on an empty stomach. Lesson learned.

And yeah, I could sit/walk/get up normal for about two weeks, but I was proud of myself. That huge feat meant that I could handle a lot of the boulders that came my way after. And I definitely thought the same in the midst of challenge: I wasn’t good enough. Strong enough. Worthy enough to accomplish great things.

But I did. And I have and I’ll continue to.

And I’m proud to have been challenged so I can show what I’m made of.

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