About Kelsie

Hi friends!  I’m Kelsie and I run this lifestyle blog. 
Through My Radiant Essentials I hope to inspire a more radiant, healthier you with creative wellness ideas and tasty recipes. I want YOU to live beautifully!

I believe that everything you put into your body, whether it’s food, environment, and thoughts contribute to your overall output into the world.  My motto: Nourish yourself well, and you will reap radiant benefits, inside and out!

Curiosity about nutrition has led me to read so many books and articles to evaluate what I actually put in my body, and I try to make the best decisions possible for a healthy body and mind. My commitment to healthy living started as a young child, by becoming vegetarian at the age of 10. While I have experimented with many different types of diets, I now define myself as a flexitarian, or I eat whatever feels good to my body.  Sometimes it’s completely vegan, sometimes cake, and on occasion, seafood. I don’t believe in sticking to one label!

Recently, I’ve also dabbled in the hippie world of essential oils, adding another layer  to my health arsenal. Aromatherapy can greatly influence our mood, health, wellness, and skincare to make everyone’s life just a bit brighter.

Being able to have outlets are essential for my a healthy state of mine, whether a yoga class, dancing wildly around the house, unleashing my thoughts into blog posts, or concocting a dish from whatever is in my fridge.  

Want to educate yourself on alternative wellness and nutrition information?  You’re exactly where you need to be, here at My Radiant Essentials. Enjoy!