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My Hidden Smoothie Agenda

I’m not one for set recipes with smoothies, but gradually working on one to post in here soon.  I always like to add in various things to my smoothies to up my health game.

Some might say that I have a hidden agenda in my smoothies.  Obviously, there’s green!  And right now that green is supporting my EAGLES as they head onto the Super Bowl this weekend.

Also, let me just state what I’ve noticed about my recipe posts.  Pretty much, they all involve my VitaMix.  I love blending stuff!  I dragged my feet thinking about investing in one, but compromised on a reduced cost, refurbished VitaMix with a 5 year warranty.

I. use. it. ALL. the. time.  Smart investment, Kels!  It has also been a huge time saver over the NutriBullet I used to prepare a new smoothie every morning in the blender cup.  Now, I make 3 day batches at a time.

Okay, on to my smoothie additions!  If you know me, you know that I love a vibrant green smoothie, for breakfast or as an afternoon snack to keep me out of the munch-ables.  It’s one of my secrets for glowing skin!


Here are some of my favorite additions:

Probiotics | Gut health is everything!  Investing in high quality probiotics is the only way to go if you want to help your body efficiently absorb the good stuff and eliminate the bad stuff.  There are so many ways to incorporate probiotics into your routine, like fermented foods or kombucha, but there is a big difference between transitory vs. resident-forming probiotics.  They’re both great for you, but when you analyze the cost of the transitory probiotic kombucha ($3-4 a bottle) vs. resident-forming probiotic pills (~$1 a pill), that’s where I find the most value in something like Life 9.  Just break open the capsule!  If I have a batch of three smoothies, I’ll use three pills.  One-a-day!

Flax Seeds | Super rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is amazing brain power and heart health food.  They also can help your digestive health and even boost your mood.  I prefer to buy my flax seeds whole since ground ones can go bad more quickly.  To preserve my flax seeds, I stick the bag in the freezer, just like I do with nuts!  It helps prolong the shelf life!

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) | I started with DE after talking with a fellow yogi, Maria, who uses it in her family smoothies.  Spoiler alert: studies show 90% of the population has parasites!  DE acts as a scrub brush through our gut, helping to sweep away and evict these unwanted visitors.  I’ve been known to hand out ziplock baggies to my friends because I bought a 5 lb bag on Amazon for around $10 and I don’t know if I’ll ever use it all.  Start with 1/2 tsp each day.

Vitality Oils | Because sometimes I forget to have fresh ginger or citrus fruits in my fridge.  I usually like to throw in a 1/2 inch knob of ginger, but I can also sub in a drop of Ginger Vitality.  No lemon? No problem.  Use a few drops of Lemon Vitality to help cleanse the body!

NingXia Red | Antioxidant pow-wow!  The wolfberry is highly touted for its benefits, which include support for energy levels, overall wellness, and normal cell health.  When I’m making a berry smoothie, I’ll splash in a couple ounces.  When I have a sluggish afternoon, it’s great to know I have a caffeine-free alternative because coffee past noon is waaaaay too much for me!

Psyllium Husks | Psyllium is soluble fiber derived from the seeds of an herb mainly grown in India.  Helps bulk stuff up.  I’ll leave it at that.  Just a little goes a long way.  I only use this occasionally, and when I do, it’s max 1/2 tsp.

Ashwagandha Powder | I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it’s on my next list to try for its mood boosting quality, which in the winter doldrums with limited sunshine, I desperately need!


What is something you want to add to your smoothie game?!

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The Path to Radiant Skin

Having a blog makes me do some bold things that I would have never done before.  Like post no filter, no makeup pictures and how I found the confidence to do crazy things like this.  Also…talk about love affair with Frank (sorry, E!).

I used to have awful skin in my teens and twenties.  I say this now and rarely do people believe me.  I had blotchy, red, and spot ridden face that I then used to pick at (the worst thing you can do).  And then it became a cycle that I couldn’t ever get out of until I started making small changes to fix it.

Here’s what I did over the years:

I stopped touching my face.  When I got anxious, I would go straight to a mirror.  And nothing made me more anxious than a pimple.  But I would completely pick areas that people wouldn’t see…and then because of that people would see it.  Commence cycle.  Once I woke up to that cycle, I became determined to break it.  So I did.  I limited my time in the bathroom to 5 minutes and recognized when I wanted to touch my face, it was because I was feeling a certain way.

I ditched the dairy.  About 5 years ago, I started to make a connection between dairy and breakouts.  I’ve blogged about the effects of dairy in general on your body, but cutting cheese almost completely out of my diet not only helps my belly feel great, but my skin as well.  I’ve switched to plant based milk, found cheese alternatives, and only occasionally dabble in a bit of goat cheese, but always have my DiGize and digestive enzymes to help out.


I ate more green.  Most days, sometimes more regularly than currently (hey 2018 goal!), I have some sort of blended green drink for breakfast.  Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie is no joke.  My skin actually glows when I regularly incorporate this in my diet.  Sure, I might be ridiculed by some green haters, but once I inevitably make the person smell it, usually it’s followed by “that actually smells pretty good!”  Don’t judge a book by its cover or a smoothie by its color….even the muddy colored ones where blueberries, strawberries, and spinach are mixed.  When you eat natural beauty, you start to look like a natural beauty.

I overhauled my cosmetics.  I used to buy a lot of stuff from pharmacy stores, really just tried to buy cost effective stuff.  However, when you’re talking about your face, your money maker, your smile generator, and your confidence, that’s not a time to cut costs.  This past year I have switched over to completely natural products from face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste, makeup.  The list goes on.  I even make my own face masks and hand soap.  And that’s where I can start talking about my other boyfriend named Frank.


I met Frank.  Short for Frankincense. At one point, Frankincense was valued more than gold. If you haven’t done it, please, please Google the health benefits of Frankincense.  It will literally blow your mind and wonder why you haven’t been acquainted with him sooner.  I apply a drop or two of Frankincense with my nightly moisturizer and it helps keep my skin vibrant and baby plump.  Just one thing – please don’t use cheap Frank…most oils on the market are not distilled for the right amount of time meaning the chemical constituents (what makes them effective) are totally off and not to mention they can have fillers even while saying 100% pure. The FDA doesn’t monitor quality of oils on the market, so it’s totally up to the company to be as transparent (or in the case of most…not) about where they source, quality assurance tests they perform, and how they distill the oil. I wouldn’t ever use anything else than Young Living, especially not on my face. The pure stuff is what you want.

OH!  Do me a favor and check in with the Think Dirty App…It rates the quality of product based on the ingredients.  This helped me tremendously to overhaul my beauty cabinet so you can start shopping clean.  #knowBetterDoBetter

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BPAs: The What, Why, and How to Avoid

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like there’s a little acronym overload in the world. I get confused! (Parentheses story: Yesterday my brother in law was talking about DND…it’s not Dunkin’ Donuts just an FYI to add more acronyms to the mix.) I mean they’re usually just short for long words we can barely pronounce anyway, so it’s a good time to abbrev.

So today, we’re talking about BPA. And why it should be an acronym we actually understand!

MSG, the first acronym I feared, is the reason why shiny Chinese food creeps me out. That one is a lurky acronym! Food additives to preserve food and make you overeat. Nooooo thank you! I’d rather go preservative free and eat nature’s fresh goodness. And let my body tell me naturally when I’m full.

Back to BPA! I know I have seen it all over water bottles and plastic ware, but why is it another lurky acronym?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. Try saying that really fast 5 times. It’s an additive in a lot of plastics, since plastics became so mainstream in the 1960s.

Why should we care? BPA can leak into whatever touches it’s surface. Tupperware containing food you drink, bottles containing liquids you drink…lots of places that could end up in your body.   The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences cites a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with detectable levels of BPA in 93% of people six years and older.  Ick!

The FDA is doing studies on the effects of BPA and its relationship to various health concerns. Brain, behavior, prostate health, and increased blood pressure. Yikes, bikes! While nothing is a definite, those risks don’t sound worth it to me, so I’m gonna stay away from BPA to continue my toxin free lifestyle!

How do I stay away from BPA? If you’re concerned like me, here’s what we can do:

  • Use only BPA-free products like bottles, food containers, oil diffusers, etc.
  • Use less cans. Focus on fresh foods and dried beans. Some canned foods come in cartons if you look in the natural foods aisle.
  • Avoid heat. Hand wash plastics or heat your food on the stove. Def don’t put Tupperware in the microwave as heat can further break down plastic.
  • Use alternatives. Glass Tupperware, metal pots and pans to heat food, and reusable steel water bottles!
  • Check the little triangle before you buy! I’m gonna blow your mind. There’s a number inside that actually means something. On plastic containers, you’ll see a number 1-7. Avoid 3 and 7, which indicate BPA is present! The rest of them, all BPA free. The way to be!
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Tranquil Nights

Every now and then, I have nights where no matter what I toss and turn.  Stare at the clock.  Occasionally check my phone.  Go to the bathroom a few times.  And let out some exaggerated sighs.

Usually, it’s when I have something heavy on my mind.  Like when life becomes rather lifey…

About a week ago, I had one of these nights.  In my desperation, I decided in the middle of the night to break into one of my Christmas gifts.  (Side note: For maybe the first time in about 10 years, I’ve actually started Christmas shopping more than a week prior to the holidays.  Probably because I feared I might do something like what I’m admitting to here…or procrastination haha.)

I opened a Tranquil Roll-On that I purchased from Young Living.  Made with Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile and blended with coconut oil, I rolled this bottle on the bottoms of my feet and the back of my neck.  Smells like HEAVEN.

Sweet relaxation tingled in my feet and soon after, I don’t remember much after that.  I love that tranquil sensation that radiates from my feet all the way through the rest of my body.

Now, this roll-on is one of my bedside staples, helping me get ready to catch some zzz’s and wake up feeling refreshed!

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Red Curry Butternut Soup

I’m a soup girl, through and through, once even the littlest chill sets in.  There’s something so cozy about a steaming bowl of soupy goodness that I just can’t get enough of.

Last weekend, my family and I went for a low-key getaway in upstate New York where we explored tiny, quaint towns, played endless games of Yahtzee (which my always lucky boyfriend won every round), and roasted s’mores in the fire place.  Our Airbnb was the perfect locale for the trip, an upscale, chic log cabin feel that just invited us to lounge around in our PJs as we leisurely sipped coffee all morning long.

I, of course, was in charge of menu planning.  I’ve been playing around with this specific soup recipe and I finally had an audience to test my latest recipe.  Before leaving for the trip, I made the soup and packed it in the cooler for the ride up.  On our last day, it was raining miserably and the cold was setting in.  Perfect soup weather.  Time to cozy up, heat up some soup, and toast some garlic bread for dippage.

This Red Curry Butternut Soup is luxuriously creamy without the slightest bit of cream or coconut milk (though you could totally add this in).  Silky smooth and sweet with the warming heat of red curry paste will have your taste buds dancing as you go back for another spoonful!

Very few ingredients.  Let it bubble and then blitz it in the blender.  It’s so easy to make!

Red Curry Butternut Soup

A luxuriously creamy soup with sweet butternut and spicy red curry.  Best when served during prime soup weather: cold, rainy, snowy, or anytime you just want to cuddle with under a blanket.

Course Soup
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 6 people
Author Kelsie


  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 medium white onion, diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 inch ginger, grated
  • 1 large butternut squash, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes
  • 1 lb carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp red curry paste
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 4 cups vegetable stock
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric (optional)
  • 1-2 tsp maple syrup (optional)
  • salt to taste


  1. In a large soup pot, heat oil on low-medium heat. Add onions and saute for 3-4 minutes. Then, add garlic and ginger. Saute 1-2 minutes until onions are translucent.

  2. Meanwhile, add 1 cup of stock to a large measuring cup. Add peanut butter and curry paste. Whisk until combined.

  3. Add mixture, remaining stock, butternut squash, carrots, turmeric, and maple syrup. Salt lightly, knowing you can add later! Increase heat to medium-high until boiling. Cover and reduce heat to slow simmer.

  4. Cook until vegetables are soft, about 15 minutes.

  5. Puree soup with immersion blender or in batches using with a blender, making sure to let the soup cool slightly before transferring.

  6. Taste and adjust salt to taste.

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DIY Toxin Free Foaming Soap

As part of my membership with Young Living, I am part of a HUGE (8,000+) group on Facebook that shares various ways to use essential oils.  One day, I saw a recipe for foaming soap.  Seeing how easy it was to make, I quickly ordered all the supplies from Amazon.

It took me all of two minutes to make.  So. Easy.

As many of you know, I’m on a ditch and switch campaign to rid my home of toxins in my products.  From air fresheners, cleaning solutions, cosmetics, and now, soap.  I’ve made a commitment to a toxin free lifestyle so I can be healthier without all the crap!

A lot of soap brands contain fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfates, formaldehydes, triclosan. Known skin irritants and carcinogens.  Ick!  Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything it comes into contact with.  Go ahead and scan your products with the Think Dirty App and see for yourself!

When you educate yourself about these things, you know better and you do better.  And then you want to educate your loved ones so they can live a healthier lifestyle as well.

Also, in the long run, making your own DIY products is so much more cost effective.  I call this a win-win!

So, my beloved blog readers, I’m going to give you all the tools: from the shopping list, to the recipe, to some ideas of essential oil blends.  I love that I can customize your mix for whatever whim I feel like 🙂

What essential oil blend would you most like to try?  Or do you have a favorite combination to recommend? I’d love to hear it!





DIY Foaming Hand Soap



Add castile soap, coconut oil, and essential oils.  Swirl to mix.  Then, fill the container with filtered water.  Pop on the hand pump and wash those hands!  Voila!




Essential Oil Combination Ideas:

[ ] Immune Boost: Thieves (12) and Lemon (8) 

[ ] Fresh: Lavender (10), Orange (10), and Peppermint (5)

[ ] Happy: Joy (10) and Citrus Fresh (10)

[ ] Soothe: Lavender (12) and Gentle Baby (8)

[ ] Holiday: Thieves (10) and Northern Lights Black Spruce (5)

[ ] Candy Cane: Peppermint (5), Wintergreen (5), and Cinnamon (5)

[ ] Pumpkin Spice: Clove (4), Orange (4), Cinnamon (3), and Nutmeg (4)

[ ] Spring: Geranium (4), Grapefruit (8), and Lime (4)

[ ] Summer: Tangerine (6), Lime (6), and Spearmint (6)




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The Battle of the Milks: Cow vs. Almond

I recently saw a commercial of the cow milk industry attacking the almond milk industry.  A familiar scene I see in school, a spelling bee competition, an ingredient showdown of each type of milk.  milk

Almond milk begins.  The word: lecithin.  Well, even I had to look up how to even pronounce that when I first saw it.  Child obviously messed up, because about 95% of us would anyway.

Cow milk: spell milk.  Easy, peasy, right?  This kid obviously won the spelling bee with a word most first graders have down, but lecithin, c’mon!  This unfairness obviously explains the eye rolling of the girl who lost.

My question, why was this attack taking place?  What was so threatening about almond milk?

The cow milk industry is losing business to alternative plant-based products.  Fast.

In 2015, a Nielsen consumer study reported that sales for the cow milk industry dropped 7% whereas almond milk grew 7.8%.  Americans are going nuts for almond milk.

Plant Based Milk Benefits

The same study also reported reasons for the switch over.  Consumers liked the all natural, plant-based, high protein benefits that almond milk has to offer.

Consumers appear to be educating themselves about food and nutrition before blindly following the food traditions of our upbringing.  

My step sister, Laurel, now gives her daughter exclusively almond milk and drinks it herself. Her concerns were consistent with the Nielsen study.  She believes cow’s milk is intended for baby calves, not baby humans. She added, “I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a nut bag.”  I think she intended this nutty pun…

Dietary concerns play a factor as those lactose intolerant look for milk alternatives. A whopping 75% of the world’s population lose our lactose enzymes in early childhood, right after weaning.  This includes me!

I, for instance, geek out over scientific data based on the ingredients that aren’t listed on the labels.  The connections between the food we eat and our coinciding health.

What’s Actually in Cow’s Milk?

Let’s rewind back to that spelling bee commercial.  What is in milk that the FDA doesn’t require them to put on the ingredient label.  35 hormones.  11 growth factors. Casein.  Lecithin.  

Hold up… lecithin.  That sounds really familiar!  The same ingredient almond milk was being criticized for!

Casein, an extremely hard protein for the human body to digest. Cow’s milk contains double the amount of casein as human breast milk.  

Species with the highest protein containing milk are the fastest growing species.  A baby calf grows fully after 2 years.  Humans, by contrast, reach fully grown state during the teens and early 20s for some late bloomers.  Elmer's_logo.svg

Every wonder why Elmer’s glue has a friendly cow on the label?  Guess what ingredient helps make the glue.  Casein.  And now we understand why people report constipation after indulging in dairy…

The Dirty Dairy Secrets Revealed

Does milk actually do a body good? But, it has calcium and protein!  (psst…so do other foods)

If we reportedly gain calcium from milk to prevent bone loss, then why do countries with the highest dairy consumption have the greatest rates of osteoporosis?  One cohort study showed a link between mortality and bone fractures to be greater in those with high dairy consumption.

How does this happen? Our body desires an alkaline state, and dairy is acid forming, mucus forming (hence, the glue, remember?).  The most readily available source to neutralize acidity is…calcium.  Counterproductive, right?

Less life threatening, but highly embarrassing is dairy’s effect on the skin.  The mucus forming interactions of dairy on the body are reflected through acne.  Personally, I struggled with breakouts far into adulthood.  The best thing I ever did for my skin was giving up the ice cream, cheese, and dairy.  

The documentary What the Health explores the correlation of breast cancer and dairy.  Now, if milk contains hormones and breast cancer cells thrive on estrogen, can we add these two factors up?  Women who ate one or more full-fat dairy products were 49% more likely to die from breast cancer than those who ate minimal dairy.

Men aren’t totally off the hook here either.  One study concluded that men who had higher intakes of dairy were 32% more at risk than men who had one or less servings per day.  

The Bottom Line

Milk consumers are onto something.  Knowledge is power.

We aren’t just a bunch of nut bags for straying from the status-quo.  

Mooooooove over milk.


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How One Essential Oil Saved Me Over $200

Yes, you read that blog post title correctly!  Bear with me through this story, but by the end, you’ll see how one little bottle of Young Living essential oil called Stress Away saved me over $200.

One of my big faults is that I can majorly screw up international flights.  I like to think of myself as a very methodical person, but I can have some complete airhead moments.

Like 2 years ago when I thought my passport was good for travel up to the expiration date.  News flash.  You need 6+ months of a valid passport to travel internationally.  So, I missed out on 2 days of that trip to Greece and paid double the amount to change flights and get a 24 hour passport renewal.  Honest confession, it was over $1500 to do this. <Cringe>

I SWORE that I would never goof again.  That I learned my expensive lesson.

Ha…hahaha.  Ooops, I’m human!

This summer, I planned a solo trip to Nicaragua, with the main intention of speaking as much Spanish as I could and seeing some cool sites along the way.  I booked my flight well in advance, passport expiration was good to go, and my bags were packed.

I set my alarm clock for 7 am, absolutely convinced my flight was at 10:30.  I thought I’d have enough time to take a shower, make a smoothie, and tidy up before leaving.

<BEEP BEEP> My alarm went off at 7 am, and upon turning it off, I saw the American Airlines E-Ticket pop up with my flight time listed at 8:15.  YIKES!  I leapt out of bed, woke my flustered sleepy boyfriend up to take me to the airport quickly.  Both of us were completely scrambling, and I live 40 minutes from the airport.  My mind was racing.

Yeah, there was NO WAY I was making that flight.

After realizing that, I knew I needed to calm down or I wasn’t going to be able to think clearly.  I pulled out my handy-dandy bottle of Young Living Stress Away and slathered it all over neck area.  I took some deep breaths and started to talk some sense into myself and actually listened to the reasonable suggestions my boyfriend was offering.

I got dropped me off at the airport so I could speak to the gate agent.  Mostly anyone standing in line to talk to a gate agent are usually there because there’s some sort of a problem, because they can’t use the automated systems.  A huge attitude trigger for most people is a disruption with travel plans.

I waited pretty patiently, because what else did I have to do? Catch a flight I wasn’t booked on?  I just gave my problem up to the universe to fix, and consigned my fate to PLAN B, which was get to Nicaragua later than I originally planned and probably pay more money than I planned to.  *Sigh, this was happening again.*

When I have nothing to do but wait, I people watch. The mom in front of me was worried about getting to Jamaica too late at night and not being able to sit with her daughter on the plane.  Mom was freaking out, but daughter was nonchallantly playing on her iPad.  The man behind me was very agitated, huffing and puffing, and grunting out various non-friendly comments about missing his flight.  He kept shoving his bag an inch closer to me every few minutes, as if that would make the line go faster.  His vibes were not seen, but definitely tangible.

When I was finally at the front of the line, another young man jumped in front to talk to the gate agent.  I didn’t say anything since I figured he probably had a chance to catch his flight.  I figured his situation was time sensitive, and mine was not.  

So, the Huffing-and-Puffing-Man behind me huffed and puffed more.  Then, complimented me on my patience.

I smiled, thanked him verbally, and then mentally thanked my Stress Away oil.


So where does the saving $200 come into play?!  Now, we get to the good stuff.


How often do you think travelers who miss their flights take their frustrations out on the gate agents?  I couldn’t imagine Huffing-and-Puffing-Man would have been all that friendly.

I approached the check-in completely apologetic about my honest mistake of confusing my flight times.  I asked about other options, which the gate agent then gave me another flight plan to rebook me.  This is how our conversation went:

Me: I’m sorry, it was an honest mistake. I just completely goofed up.

Gate Agent: Are you sure that was the reason?

Me: Ummm…Well there was a lot of traffic getting here too I guess.

Gate Agent: No, that’s not a good enough reason.  You were sick, weren’t you?

Me: Was I?

Gate Agent: Yeah, you were!  And then I don’t have to charge you the $200 change fee and fare difference.

Me: <pause to process> Oh yeaaaaah, I was super sick this morning now that you mention it.


BAM.  Just like that, the calmness that Stress Away gave me paid off my whole entire Premium Starter Kit.  I had just saved over $200.

After I thoroughly thanked the gate agent, and thinking out loud about hard I imagined his job was with overly stressed travellers.  He confessed that most people aren’t that friendly with him, and that was why he can only work 5 hour shifts at a time.  There was only so much human frustration he could handle.


Calmness goes a long way in stressful situations, people.  Stress Away can do just that, as I learned, and pay for itself tenfold.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on this little bottle of essential oil goodness, I can help you do that!  Check out your options on the Getting Started with Essential Oils page!





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Matcha Blueberry Smoothie

Afternoon slumps require a little extra boost of energy, amiright? This Matcha Blueberry Smoothie delivers a burst of energy and tons of antioxidants to get you going!

Before we get to the recipe, let’s go over how freaking good these ingredients are and the wonderful ways they benefit your body.  I like to think of this smoothie as an antioxidant boost: supporting healthier looking skin, combating free radical cells that turn into cancer, and reversing the aging effects of UV rays.

Blueberries: Blueberries are one of the highest antioxident foods in the world and much more affordable shall we say than the créme de la créme of these foods. I do love acai and Goji berries, but they can get expensive!  We all have crazy cells that get out funk sometimes, so antioxidants are super important to keep aging and cancer causing cells at bay.  Upon researching blueberries health benefits, I also found they contain a good amount of Gallic acid, which acts as an antifungal/antiviral agent.  The natural soluble and insoluble fiber helps keep digestion regular, and who doesn’t want that?!

Matcha Tea: Again, another super rich antioxidants! One amino acid in Matcha, L-Theanine delivers most of the benefits, which helps to increase the alpha waves in your brain, leading to a heightened sense of calm and production of serotonin and dopamine.  #sorrynotsorry for my geeky science talk, but serotonin is HUGE in the mental health world and when imbalanced in the brain,  is one of the factors leading to depression.  In addition to balancing our mood, they also increase memory and concentration.  Stay alert and calm with matcha!

Cinnamon: A little zing for the smoothie, but small amounts can do wonders for your body.  “As little as 1/2 of one teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion, immunity, and more. However stronger doses are also extremely beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting risk your for diabetes, cancer, and neuro-degenerative diseases.” (Health Benefits of Cinnamon by Dr. Axe)

Chia Seeds: One of the most nutritious foods on the planet! Chia seeds are an excellent source of vegan protein, loaded with Omega-3s and fiber to keep ya regular.
Soooo…Are you noticing a trend in the ingredients? Antioxidants and digestive regularity!
Check out the recipe below!


Matcha Blueberry Smoothie

Course Drinks
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1
Author Kelsie


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup blueberries, frozen
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 tsp Matcha powder
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon


  1. Blend on high, enjoy! If the mixture is too thick for your preference, add more almond milk.


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Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender…can we just slather it all over our body?  It’s literally useful for almost EVERYTHING and smells absolutely divine.

Lavender embodies so many qualities we all want: relaxation, sleep, breath, self-care, beautiful skin, and calmness.  Whenever you have a minute to yourself after a busy day, and want to unwind, lavender is the answer.

Here are some ways to incorporate lavender into your routines:

[  ]  Integrate lavender into your bedtime routine. Sleep!  Why did we resist it so much as children and now, as adults, we can’t wait to hop into bed as soon as possible?!  Frequently, my mind races before bed and I can have a difficult time settling myself for sleep.  Creating a bedtime routine can absolutely acclimate the body for rest.  Diffuse lavender before bed as you read a book, cuddle with your partner, or read bedtime stories to your little ones.  Apply 1:1 lavender + carrier oil to the bottoms of your feet.  Make a lavender linen spray to freshen your pillows and sheets, or those of loved ones who also need to go to sleep (ahem, little children).  The calming aroma will send you straight to counting sheep!

[  ]  Add lavender to your baths.  Create a home spa day! Once you fill the tub with hot water, add in a few drops of lavender.  Or make a DIY epsom salt bath to detoxify and relax your achy muscles.  Ah, sweet relaxation!

[  ] Use a lavender as part of your beauty routine.  Gimme all the lavender when it comes to cosmetics!  Lavender is appropriate for all skin types and contains properties that help purify the skin, regulate sebum production, and stimulate cell growth. Use a few drops with some of your favorite cosmetics: moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, and so-on. Make your own facial mask, such as my DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask.  Add a drop of lavender in your mascara or conditioner to promote healthy hair growth.

[  ] Incorporate lavender into a massage.  I am a sucker for massages and it’s one of my vices!  Unwind with a soothing lavender massage by adding a couple drops to massage oil or carrier oil.  Self-massage your neck and shoulders or bribe someone to massage your whole body.

[  ] Use lavender in the kitchen.  Did someone say lavender mojito?  Um, I’ll be riiiight there!  When I hear lavender used as ingredient in foods or drinks, all of the sudden it feels like a treat, both decadent and delicate at the same time. Remember less is more in the kitchen, so experiment with a drop or even dab a tooth pick in the oil and then swirl into whatever your making.  Baked goods…jams and jellies…ice cream and sorbets…lemonade.  (Please invite me over and I’ll be a happy taste tester to whatever you make…kay, thanks!)


What are your favorite ways to use lavender oil? Comment below!

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