One of my reasons for starting this blog was to create an outlet for my writing.  As a young child, writing was something I did freely and well.  Over the years, I have started and stopped two different blogs and then just reverted to submitting bursts of creative passion to The Elephant Journal.


Why I Love My Anxiety

The epitome of seeing one of life’s curses as a blessing. Sometimes our creativity just needs to be channeled into more productive, positive avenues.


4 Reasons Teens Should Practice Yoga

Inspired by one of my favorite teens, I feel passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga and meditation to the younger generation.  I always wish I could have discovered yoga earlier!


From Swept Off Our Feet to Swiftly Single: 6 Lessons Learned From Whirlwind Romances

I’m so lucky to have co-authored this article with my friend, Jessica Lawlor, who has inspired me to develop and pursue my creative writing!