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Greens on greens on Multigreens

One of the best ways I get started in the morning is a green smoothie. I operate on an eating schedule of “let the Ferrari go first and the semi-truck last”. It’s all part of my Beauty Detox Lifestyle!

Why? 🤓 Most fruit takes 15 minutes to digest, bananas are 45 minutes. So definitely a Ferrari food to eat on an empty stomach. When we eat smart, our body doesn’t have to spend so much energy digesting and can do other things. Plus there’s no sluggishness like post thanksgiving.

Also, throwing it out there because this was life-changing for my skin. Smoothies, diet and natural quality products are my (not-so) secret to a clean, glowing complexion!

This is the first time my hippie dippy self has experimented with MultiGreens! What?! More greens in my smoothie and I still can’t taste it! Spirulina and chlorophyll are two supplements that have been on my radar that I’ve never dabbled with until now…so empty a couple capsules in your smoothie next time.

🌿Spirulina – rich source of magnesium, which helps to promote bone health and overall mood

🌿Chlorophyll – a natural source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin K and magnesium, being a source of choline which supports energy production. May support healthy blood and digestive system.

Blog, Health

Beauty Detox Basics

Five years ago, one of my friends gave me this book that rocked my dietary routine.

Then I quickly read her other book, The Beauty Detox Solution, anticipated two more books she published over the past few years, made so many of her recipes, followed her on social media, and listened to her podcasts as I strolled around Valley Green on my leisurely walks.  I basically soaked in any information from her I could.  Why? Because when I follow her Beauty Detox lifestyle, I feel and look better than ever.

Now for the culmination of my obsessive and semi-stalkerish behavior (but, in my opinion, just die-hard fan of her work)…Today, I am actually going to meet Kimberly Snyder! 

Seriously, who else geeks out about meeting their nutritionist guru?!  Um, this girl.  I may or may not have placed my vacation plans on hold until I knew exactly what date she was coming to Philly because it was that important for me to go.

For me, the biggest takeaway from her research and books is how to eat intelligently to simplify the digestive process for your body.  This allows your body to spend less energy digesting food and allow for more energy spent in other areas. Cell growth, muscle production, organ support, etc.  Your body can beautify itself when you eat in a way that doesn’t overtax the digestive system.  Makes sense, right?!

Here are a few of the BD basic principles + reasons why they work:

[ ]  Eat light to heavy throughout the day.  Kim presents an analogy in her first book, The Beauty Detox Solution, illustrating this concept.  On a highway, you have a semi truck, a high speed sports car, and an SUV.  Seriously, how much road rage do we all get when we are stuck behind slow moving trucks on the highway?  Now imagine that same fast digesting food sitting in your stomach.  So the lesson is to let the Ferrari digest in your body first thing in the morning.  Generally eat something lighter, such as fruit or smoothies, and abandon the eggs, pancakes, bacon, or toast in the morning.  Stay away from protein in the morning as well, since it is a heavier food to digest.  For lunch, eat a little bit heavier by incorporating veggies and a healthy grains and fats.  Snacks in between meals should be lighter, like veggies and dip, fruit, or a protein smoothie. If you do eat meat or seafood, wait until dinner to incorporate animal protein.

[ ] Eat fruit on an empty stomach. Fruit is the Ferrari of all foods in the digestive tract.  If you eat fruit with an already full stomach, the fruit just ferments and rots in your stomach since it can’t get through.  Most fruits digest in 15-20 minutes, though bananas are a little bit longer to digest at around 45 minutes.  If you choose to eat fruit with a meal, eat it before, perhaps while you are preparing food, but not for dessert.

[ ] Use proper food combining principles.
 This concept relates to the digestive enzymes your stomach uses to break down the foods.  Basically, protein and carbohydrate enzymes keep neutralizing each other, which means your body has to produce more of those respective enzymes and work harder to digest when you eat something like a spicy tuna roll or pasta with meatballs.  Choose one: protein or carbohydrate and pair it with the Switzerland of foods, veggies!  Healthy fats like nuts and avocado don’t pair well with protein, but do with carbohydrates.  Check out this cheat sheet infographic for more detail.

[ ] Incorporate Beauty Detox into your routine 80% of the time.  Nobody is perfect, and we can’t hold ourselves accountable 100% of the time.  We have to give ourselves some room to screw up every now and again, so that we don’t get discouraged and completely give up when we fall off the wagon. This was one of the ways I kind of screwed up when I first started Beauty Detox and became overly obsessive with living the lifestyle 100% of the time.  I can recognize some of my behaviors as orthorexic. I became too thin for my frame with one of my coworkers telling me to not lose anymore weight.  I turned down many meals with friends for fear of falling off the wagon.  In turn, I sort of isolated myself and even though I was fit, I wasn’t super happy.  My message to you: it’s okay to screw up, but figure out a detour and just do your best!

[ ]  Move your body in two ways: exercise + elimination.  In whatever capacity you like to exercise, do it.  Walk, run, do yoga, spin, kickboxing, weights, etc.  Find something that speaks to you and you’ll be more inclined to stick with it.  Next up, I’m gonna talk about it.  Poop. Yep, if you’re not eliminating that junk, then you’re just full of it.  Stinky, petrifying stuff sitting in your colon which makes you feel icky and sluggish.  So drink tons of water, follow the BD principles, and your body will respond by digesting things faster and more regularly.


Rest assured, the nutritionist geek in me will be attentively listening and taking notes on EVERYTHING Kim says throughout the talk tonight.  I’ll report back soon! Stay tuned…

If you’re looking for more guidance on the Beauty Detox lifestyle, check out for blog posts, recipes, and links to her books.