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DIY Beauty Serum

ūüíô (no it doesn‚Äôt make you look like a smurfette)

My skin has been going bananas lately with some stress and the changing seasons. Of course, I had bought all of the ingredients to make this serum and let them sit in a box for oh, 6 months… It literally took me 2 minutes to make this!

I thought my skin would turn blue as I’ve seen others use blue tansy and get a smurfette face. Nada. I even doubled the blue tansy. Nada. My skin drank it right up!!! After a few days I could already see my skin was brighter and firmer.

As a bonus, I use this serum before bed because all of the EOs are also amazing sleep aids! It’s still light enough to use in the morning as well. I don‚Äôt need moisturizer when using this! It feels light and smells dreamy ūüėć 

DIY Beauty Serum

10 frankincense 
10 lavender 
5 blue tansy (or double!)
rosehip oil

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Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender…can we just slather it all over our body? ¬†It’s literally useful for almost EVERYTHING and smells absolutely divine.

Lavender embodies so many qualities we all want: relaxation, sleep, breath, self-care, beautiful skin, and calmness.  Whenever you have a minute to yourself after a busy day, and want to unwind, lavender is the answer.

Here are some ways to incorporate lavender into your routines:

[ ¬†] ¬†Integrate lavender into your¬†bedtime routine.¬†Sleep! ¬†Why did we resist it so much as children and now, as adults, we can’t wait to hop into bed as soon as possible?! ¬†Frequently, my mind races before bed and I can have a difficult time settling myself for sleep. ¬†Creating a bedtime routine can absolutely acclimate the body for rest. ¬†Diffuse lavender before bed as you read a book,¬†cuddle with your partner, or read bedtime stories to your little ones. ¬†Apply 1:1 lavender + carrier oil to the bottoms of your feet. ¬†Make a lavender linen spray to freshen your pillows and sheets, or those of loved ones who also need to go to sleep (ahem, little children). ¬†The calming aroma will send you straight to counting sheep!

[  ]  Add lavender to your baths.  Create a home spa day! Once you fill the tub with hot water, add in a few drops of lavender.  Or make a DIY epsom salt bath to detoxify and relax your achy muscles.  Ah, sweet relaxation!

[  ] Use a lavender as part of your beauty routine.  Gimme all the lavender when it comes to cosmetics!  Lavender is appropriate for all skin types and contains properties that help purify the skin, regulate sebum production, and stimulate cell growth. Use a few drops with some of your favorite cosmetics: moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, and so-on. Make your own facial mask, such as my DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask.  Add a drop of lavender in your mascara or conditioner to promote healthy hair growth.

[ ¬†] Incorporate lavender into a massage. ¬†I am a sucker for massages and it’s one of my vices! ¬†Unwind with a soothing lavender massage by adding a couple drops to massage oil or carrier oil. ¬†Self-massage your neck and shoulders or bribe someone to massage your whole body.

[ ¬†] Use lavender in the kitchen. ¬†Did someone say lavender mojito? ¬†Um, I’ll be riiiight there! ¬†When I hear lavender used as ingredient in foods or drinks, all of the sudden it feels like a treat, both decadent and delicate at the same time. Remember less is more in the kitchen, so experiment with a drop or even dab a tooth pick in the oil and then swirl into whatever your making. ¬†Baked goods…jams and jellies…ice cream and sorbets…lemonade. ¬†(Please invite me over and I’ll be a happy taste tester to whatever you make…kay, thanks!)


What are your favorite ways to use lavender oil? Comment below!

 Ready to get started on your oil adventure to radiant health?  The Premium Starter Kit has lavender and 10 more essential oils, a diffuser, and so many other goodies at half the retail cost!  Read more on the Getting Started with Essential Oils page!



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Blog, DIY Beauty Products, Essential Oils

DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask

I’m so excited to share this beauty secret with you! Some secrets are too good not to share, and this mask is one of them. I always notice a definite radiant glow after every treatment of this DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask. I seriously love the results, and hope you will try it as well!

Skin, our largest organ, acts as the sponge in our day-to-day life. The quality of the air you encounter, water you bathe with, and products you use all gets soaked right into your skin! The good stuff and the toxic stuff.

My new mission this summer is to clean up my beauty routine products. I recently downloaded an app called Think Dirty which reveals the toxicity levels of major ingredients in your household cleaners, cosmetics, and personal care products.  When you scan a product, the app gives a score based on how safe or toxic the product is.  If you scan a product that has a high toxicity rating, it will provide alternative options that are safer and cleaner.

After all, what goes in, on, or near our body ultimately impacts our health!

So I went a little scan happy…

My go-to Lysol All Purpose Cleaner had a whopping score of 9/10 on the dirty meter. TRASH.

Same score for the Air Wick plug-ins I used to freshen my house.  TRASH.

Mario Badescu facial masks all scored high on the dirty meter, and those things aren’t cheap either! ¬†(Eh, I just placed those to the side for now. ¬†I can’t commit them to the trash can just yet.)

I (mostly) cleared house with the dirty products and replaced them with organic, non-toxic products that I can check are safe for my wellbeing.

I like to know what’s in my products now, so I educate myself on the ingredients I’m introducing to my body. ¬†Even better, I like creating my own DIY recipes to substitute for the toxic products I’ve trashed.

(fanfare.) Enter, my DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask!  The ingredients are simple, good for your skin, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and firm.  After applying this mask, I always notice a vibrant glow to my skin that boosts my confidence and inspires me to wear less makeup.  Enough radiance to inspire me to post #nofilterselfie pictures for anyone to see.

Here’s the dirt (pun intended) on the ingredients and how they can benefit your skin. Continue reading “DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask”