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DIY Beauty Serum

ūüíô (no it doesn‚Äôt make you look like a smurfette)

My skin has been going bananas lately with some stress and the changing seasons. Of course, I had bought all of the ingredients to make this serum and let them sit in a box for oh, 6 months… It literally took me 2 minutes to make this!

I thought my skin would turn blue as I’ve seen others use blue tansy and get a smurfette face. Nada. I even doubled the blue tansy. Nada. My skin drank it right up!!! After a few days I could already see my skin was brighter and firmer.

As a bonus, I use this serum before bed because all of the EOs are also amazing sleep aids! It’s still light enough to use in the morning as well. I don‚Äôt need moisturizer when using this! It feels light and smells dreamy ūüėć 

DIY Beauty Serum

10 frankincense 
10 lavender 
5 blue tansy (or double!)
rosehip oil

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DIY Toxin Free Foaming Soap

As part of my membership with Young Living, I am part of a HUGE (8,000+) group on Facebook that shares various ways to use essential oils.  One day, I saw a recipe for foaming soap.  Seeing how easy it was to make, I quickly ordered all the supplies from Amazon.

It took me all of two minutes to make.  So. Easy.

As many of you know, I’m on a ditch and switch campaign to rid my home of toxins in my products. ¬†From air fresheners, cleaning solutions, cosmetics, and now, soap. ¬†I’ve made a commitment to a toxin free lifestyle so I can be healthier without all the crap!

A lot of soap brands contain fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfates, formaldehydes, triclosan. Known skin irritants and carcinogens.  Ick!  Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything it comes into contact with.  Go ahead and scan your products with the Think Dirty App and see for yourself!

When you educate yourself about these things, you know better and you do better.  And then you want to educate your loved ones so they can live a healthier lifestyle as well.

Also, in the long run, making your own DIY products is so much more cost effective.  I call this a win-win!

So, my beloved blog readers, I’m going to give you all the tools: from the shopping list, to the recipe, to some ideas of essential oil blends. ¬†I love that I¬†can customize your mix for whatever whim I feel like ūüôā

What essential oil blend would you most like to try? ¬†Or do you have a favorite combination to recommend? I’d love to hear it!





DIY Foaming Hand Soap



Add castile soap, coconut oil, and essential oils.  Swirl to mix.  Then, fill the container with filtered water.  Pop on the hand pump and wash those hands!  Voila!




Essential Oil Combination Ideas:

[ ] Immune Boost: Thieves (12) and Lemon (8) 

[ ] Fresh: Lavender (10), Orange (10), and Peppermint (5)

[ ] Happy: Joy (10) and Citrus Fresh (10)

[ ] Soothe: Lavender (12) and Gentle Baby (8)

[ ] Holiday: Thieves (10) and Northern Lights Black Spruce (5)

[ ] Candy Cane: Peppermint (5), Wintergreen (5), and Cinnamon (5)

[ ] Pumpkin Spice: Clove (4), Orange (4), Cinnamon (3), and Nutmeg (4)

[ ] Spring: Geranium (4), Grapefruit (8), and Lime (4)

[ ] Summer: Tangerine (6), Lime (6), and Spearmint (6)




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Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender…can we just slather it all over our body? ¬†It’s literally useful for almost EVERYTHING and smells absolutely divine.

Lavender embodies so many qualities we all want: relaxation, sleep, breath, self-care, beautiful skin, and calmness.  Whenever you have a minute to yourself after a busy day, and want to unwind, lavender is the answer.

Here are some ways to incorporate lavender into your routines:

[ ¬†] ¬†Integrate lavender into your¬†bedtime routine.¬†Sleep! ¬†Why did we resist it so much as children and now, as adults, we can’t wait to hop into bed as soon as possible?! ¬†Frequently, my mind races before bed and I can have a difficult time settling myself for sleep. ¬†Creating a bedtime routine can absolutely acclimate the body for rest. ¬†Diffuse lavender before bed as you read a book,¬†cuddle with your partner, or read bedtime stories to your little ones. ¬†Apply 1:1 lavender + carrier oil to the bottoms of your feet. ¬†Make a lavender linen spray to freshen your pillows and sheets, or those of loved ones who also need to go to sleep (ahem, little children). ¬†The calming aroma will send you straight to counting sheep!

[  ]  Add lavender to your baths.  Create a home spa day! Once you fill the tub with hot water, add in a few drops of lavender.  Or make a DIY epsom salt bath to detoxify and relax your achy muscles.  Ah, sweet relaxation!

[  ] Use a lavender as part of your beauty routine.  Gimme all the lavender when it comes to cosmetics!  Lavender is appropriate for all skin types and contains properties that help purify the skin, regulate sebum production, and stimulate cell growth. Use a few drops with some of your favorite cosmetics: moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, and so-on. Make your own facial mask, such as my DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask.  Add a drop of lavender in your mascara or conditioner to promote healthy hair growth.

[ ¬†] Incorporate lavender into a massage. ¬†I am a sucker for massages and it’s one of my vices! ¬†Unwind with a soothing lavender massage by adding a couple drops to massage oil or carrier oil. ¬†Self-massage your neck and shoulders or bribe someone to massage your whole body.

[ ¬†] Use lavender in the kitchen. ¬†Did someone say lavender mojito? ¬†Um, I’ll be riiiight there! ¬†When I hear lavender used as ingredient in foods or drinks, all of the sudden it feels like a treat, both decadent and delicate at the same time. Remember less is more in the kitchen, so experiment with a drop or even dab a tooth pick in the oil and then swirl into whatever your making. ¬†Baked goods…jams and jellies…ice cream and sorbets…lemonade. ¬†(Please invite me over and I’ll be a happy taste tester to whatever you make…kay, thanks!)


What are your favorite ways to use lavender oil? Comment below!

 Ready to get started on your oil adventure to radiant health?  The Premium Starter Kit has lavender and 10 more essential oils, a diffuser, and so many other goodies at half the retail cost!  Read more on the Getting Started with Essential Oils page!



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