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FitBit Challenges with Friends

On days where I would rather sit on my couch than go to the gym, I get myself moving. I’ve always said that I’m the type person who is motivated by seeing other people work out.

I also don’t run. Actually my running joke is that I really only run late. 🤣 Word puns!

My boyfriend bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I soon discovered that I could connect with all of my friends!

The workweek hustles make me extra conscious to get moving after work. The weekend warrior challenge encourages me to go for a hike rather than lounge all day! I’ll chose the stairs and take multiple breaks to go for a walk throughout the day.

And can I just say how crazy impressed I am by the women in my challenges? Some are friends from middle or high school, college, yoga, and within my oily community that I have continued to stay in touch with.

We build each other up with positivity and healthy goals. Because why do anything different?

Shine on, friends.