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Greens on greens on Multigreens

One of the best ways I get started in the morning is a green smoothie. I operate on an eating schedule of “let the Ferrari go first and the semi-truck last”. It’s all part of my Beauty Detox Lifestyle!

Why? 🤓 Most fruit takes 15 minutes to digest, bananas are 45 minutes. So definitely a Ferrari food to eat on an empty stomach. When we eat smart, our body doesn’t have to spend so much energy digesting and can do other things. Plus there’s no sluggishness like post thanksgiving.

Also, throwing it out there because this was life-changing for my skin. Smoothies, diet and natural quality products are my (not-so) secret to a clean, glowing complexion!

This is the first time my hippie dippy self has experimented with MultiGreens! What?! More greens in my smoothie and I still can’t taste it! Spirulina and chlorophyll are two supplements that have been on my radar that I’ve never dabbled with until now…so empty a couple capsules in your smoothie next time.

🌿Spirulina – rich source of magnesium, which helps to promote bone health and overall mood

🌿Chlorophyll – a natural source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin K and magnesium, being a source of choline which supports energy production. May support healthy blood and digestive system.

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The Path to Radiant Skin

Having a blog makes me do some bold things that I would have never done before.  Like post no filter, no makeup pictures and how I found the confidence to do crazy things like this.  Also…talk about love affair with Frank (sorry, E!).

I used to have awful skin in my teens and twenties.  I say this now and rarely do people believe me.  I had blotchy, red, and spot ridden face that I then used to pick at (the worst thing you can do).  And then it became a cycle that I couldn’t ever get out of until I started making small changes to fix it.

Here’s what I did over the years:

I stopped touching my face.  When I got anxious, I would go straight to a mirror.  And nothing made me more anxious than a pimple.  But I would completely pick areas that people wouldn’t see…and then because of that people would see it.  Commence cycle.  Once I woke up to that cycle, I became determined to break it.  So I did.  I limited my time in the bathroom to 5 minutes and recognized when I wanted to touch my face, it was because I was feeling a certain way.

I ditched the dairy.  About 5 years ago, I started to make a connection between dairy and breakouts.  I’ve blogged about the effects of dairy in general on your body, but cutting cheese almost completely out of my diet not only helps my belly feel great, but my skin as well.  I’ve switched to plant based milk, found cheese alternatives, and only occasionally dabble in a bit of goat cheese, but always have my DiGize and digestive enzymes to help out.


I ate more green.  Most days, sometimes more regularly than currently (hey 2018 goal!), I have some sort of blended green drink for breakfast.  Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie is no joke.  My skin actually glows when I regularly incorporate this in my diet.  Sure, I might be ridiculed by some green haters, but once I inevitably make the person smell it, usually it’s followed by “that actually smells pretty good!”  Don’t judge a book by its cover or a smoothie by its color….even the muddy colored ones where blueberries, strawberries, and spinach are mixed.  When you eat natural beauty, you start to look like a natural beauty.

I overhauled my cosmetics.  I used to buy a lot of stuff from pharmacy stores, really just tried to buy cost effective stuff.  However, when you’re talking about your face, your money maker, your smile generator, and your confidence, that’s not a time to cut costs.  This past year I have switched over to completely natural products from face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste, makeup.  The list goes on.  I even make my own face masks and hand soap.  And that’s where I can start talking about my other boyfriend named Frank.


I met Frank.  Short for Frankincense. At one point, Frankincense was valued more than gold. If you haven’t done it, please, please Google the health benefits of Frankincense.  It will literally blow your mind and wonder why you haven’t been acquainted with him sooner.  I apply a drop or two of Frankincense with my nightly moisturizer and it helps keep my skin vibrant and baby plump.  Just one thing – please don’t use cheap Frank…most oils on the market are not distilled for the right amount of time meaning the chemical constituents (what makes them effective) are totally off and not to mention they can have fillers even while saying 100% pure. The FDA doesn’t monitor quality of oils on the market, so it’s totally up to the company to be as transparent (or in the case of most…not) about where they source, quality assurance tests they perform, and how they distill the oil. I wouldn’t ever use anything else than Young Living, especially not on my face. The pure stuff is what you want.

OH!  Do me a favor and check in with the Think Dirty App…It rates the quality of product based on the ingredients.  This helped me tremendously to overhaul my beauty cabinet so you can start shopping clean.  #knowBetterDoBetter

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DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask

I’m so excited to share this beauty secret with you! Some secrets are too good not to share, and this mask is one of them. I always notice a definite radiant glow after every treatment of this DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask. I seriously love the results, and hope you will try it as well!

Skin, our largest organ, acts as the sponge in our day-to-day life. The quality of the air you encounter, water you bathe with, and products you use all gets soaked right into your skin! The good stuff and the toxic stuff.

My new mission this summer is to clean up my beauty routine products. I recently downloaded an app called Think Dirty which reveals the toxicity levels of major ingredients in your household cleaners, cosmetics, and personal care products.  When you scan a product, the app gives a score based on how safe or toxic the product is.  If you scan a product that has a high toxicity rating, it will provide alternative options that are safer and cleaner.

After all, what goes in, on, or near our body ultimately impacts our health!

So I went a little scan happy…

My go-to Lysol All Purpose Cleaner had a whopping score of 9/10 on the dirty meter. TRASH.

Same score for the Air Wick plug-ins I used to freshen my house.  TRASH.

Mario Badescu facial masks all scored high on the dirty meter, and those things aren’t cheap either!  (Eh, I just placed those to the side for now.  I can’t commit them to the trash can just yet.)

I (mostly) cleared house with the dirty products and replaced them with organic, non-toxic products that I can check are safe for my wellbeing.

I like to know what’s in my products now, so I educate myself on the ingredients I’m introducing to my body.  Even better, I like creating my own DIY recipes to substitute for the toxic products I’ve trashed.

(fanfare.) Enter, my DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask!  The ingredients are simple, good for your skin, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and firm.  After applying this mask, I always notice a vibrant glow to my skin that boosts my confidence and inspires me to wear less makeup.  Enough radiance to inspire me to post #nofilterselfie pictures for anyone to see.

Here’s the dirt (pun intended) on the ingredients and how they can benefit your skin. Continue reading “DIY Detoxifying Essential Oil Mask”