The Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter was my gateway into the essential oil world and hands down the best money I spent.  I’ve been able to replace tons of things I used to buy, and now am oh-so confident in my non-toxic lifestyle.  The Seed to Seal® guarantee means that I got the best stuff out there too!

There are two ways to get your hands on these little bottles of goodness.


You can order individual oils at full retail prices. You can’t get the starter kit as a retail customer. And paying 24% more when you can pay less if you’re a member. Let’s just be honest – not many people choose to go this route.


The Premium Starter Kit

This is the way most everyone starts because it’s the best value and includes allllllll sorts of goodies.

This gives you a free, no strings attached wholesale membership. No monthly ordering and you NEVER, ever have to sell a thing – but you get 24% off of future purchases. For like ever. And you can get the Premium Starter Kit! (Affectionately known as the PSK 😍).

The Premium Starter Kit is worth nearly $400 – but it is ONLY $165!!!!!!!! Hands freaking down the best value, and the best way to get started using oils.

It comes with:
🌿Lemon: Oh sweet, sweet lemon. Drink it all day long in your water to help flush out your system. Wonderful for focusing!

🌿Lavender: What CAN’T you use lavender for? That is the real question. Amazing for relaxation, soothing for the skin, very calming for sleepy littles and adults alike. Diffuse at night so you and your kids can get into that deep, deep sleep!

🌿Peppermint: Support your tummy and digestive system. Just one drop can increase oxygen levels! So drink during your workout too! Also support your respiratory system by using this bad boy. Diffuse in the morning with Lemon to get everyone up and moving!

🌿Raven: Keeps you breathing happily by applying on your chest and diffusing. Apply on the bottoms of your (or your significant other’s) feet to breathe well all night long. Perfect for those rattly, noisy kids during the winter month, rub on their chest to open those passages!

🌿Thieves: The healthy-keeper! Drink in tea to support immunity, take in a capsule at night and in the morning to support great health. Apply to the bottom of your kids feet daily to build up their immune system to fight off all the Back to School germs! Kiss it as a thank you for all that it does.

🌿Valor: courage in a bottle, use to help you do the hard things in life and to balance the body’s energies!

🌿Peace and Calming: the name says it alllllllll. Diffuse this at bedtime with Frankincense or pop a roller fitment on it to use on the go!

🌿Citrus Fresh: Neutralizes odors, so diffuse in your child’s room, drop in your gym shoes and let it flow in your kitchen after cooking some fish. All of your favorite refreshing, uplifting citrus smells!

🌿PanAway: Kick up your feet, rub this baby on. Anything else you want to keep comfortable? Great for after a workout or roll it on your neck after a long drive.

🌿Frankincense: Incredible for the skin and immune system! Promotes feelings of calmness and balance, and eases occasional flightiness feelings. This helps us focus and stay grounded, too! Great oil to diffuse during homework time!

🌿DiGize: All tummy support and digestive health. The dreaded tummy issue that goes rabid around schools, yeah this will be your defense if your kiddo happens to bring that home! If you eat food, you need this oil!

🌿Stress Away: When you need stress to GO AWAY. No one wants that. Especially when stress is the root of so many bad things. Give yourself a little break from life.  It smells like vacation to me!  (Read how this oil helped save me over $200! That’s more than the cost of the whole kit…)

🎉Diffuser of your choice:  You can pick which diffuser you want to come with your kit. Choose the Dewdrop or Desert Mist, or upgrade to the Rainstone or Aria. They are all amazing! Diffusing is such an amazing way to help support positive feelings and strengthen positive emotions. Talk about diffusing a situation.

🎉Extra goodies:

  • 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. sample packets (throw a frozen one in your child’s lunch box for a midday pick me up that is packed with antioxidants. Have them drink a packet before a big sporting event to keep them energized!)
  • 2 metal roller fitment for an easy-to-use roll-on bottle
  • 1 oz. package of Thieves Cleaner (super effective and multipurpose…and toxin free!)
  • Thieves Hand Purifier to clean hands without all the harsh chemicals
  • A free membership – 24% off any future purchases. SCORE.

Ready to snag your kit? When you order through me, I’ll throw in a surprise welcome goodie gift and invite you to our exclusive education groups.  I’m a Modern Essential and Radiant Living kinda girl!  Our tribes are SUPER fun, and that just must be said.  We focus on positivity, encouragement, and do tons of giveaways, because we just love to spread the oily life!

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